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Our Projects

We are always knitting and crocheting for the kids in Kazakhstan, but throughout the year we have various challenges to make it more fun!

Current Challenges

  • The 2008 Sock Challenge Contest! Fabulous Prizes Abound!!

The 2008 Sock Challenge is divided into three groups with three groups of prizes to be awarded!  The contest deadlines and the sizes for each leg (hee hee hee) of the challenge are as follows:

March 31 - All socks 10" to 11.5" foot (170 pairs)

June 30 -  All socks 8.5" to 9.5" foot (180 pairs)

Oct. 30 - All socks 6.5" to 8" foot (180 pairs)

Databases can be found on the Mittens for Akkol YahooGroup homepage .  You will need to be a member of the group to access the home page on YahooGroups. The databases are each set up with a line for each knitter’s name + email addy and a place to put the number of pairs of socks knitted in each size.   Measurements this year are in centimeters with the closest 1/4 inch measurement noted. Our goal for the number of socks needed is doubled over last year’s goal since we will be sending a full set of socks to the orphanage in Urupinka as well.

Further details can be found on M4A’s YahooGroups homepage.  To join, send a blank email to:

BONUS:  If you would like to get an extra chance to win a prize, bring a new member to the group.  If your friend sends in socks, you will get your name in the hat one extra time for each friend who sends in socks.  (Your name goes in the hat one extra time whether your friend sends in one pair or fifty pairs.)

And the most important part, the PRIZES!!

From Elizabeth at River Knits in Lafayette, Indiana:

10 skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere plus book


Beth’s Garter Ridge Hat Kit - 3 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Angora and 1skein of Magallanes.

Wisconsin Winter Socks Kit - 1skein of Wool Pak and one ball of Opal.

From Dave at Knit On! in Bellevue, KY:

A set of Whimsical DPN Holders plus a Set of Four Stitch Markers and a Pair of Earrings - Kitten with Yarn Ball with a black bicone crystal.

One size medium Dominknitrix T-shirt "Whip Your Knitting Into Shape" and a set of Size US 1 Addi 6" Bamboo DPNs

Nancy's Knit Knacks DP Needle Tubes (set of 4) and two sets of NKK Circular  Needle ID Tags (one set for US 0-6 and a second for US 7-35)

From Kathleen at Tidal Brook Yarns:

One 50 g/ 75 yard skein of Elliebelly Handpainted Yarn.  Yarn is 55% Silk/45% Cashmere.

Upcoming Challenges

Warm Hugs for Grads - In Kazakhstan, children age out of the orphanage after they complete the 9th grade. At 15-16 years old they are forced to leave the only home most of them have ever known. This is a very difficult time for these kids.  To help ease the transition, we hand knit sweaters for each them.  We also knit socks, mittens, a hat and scarf for these kids to give them something warm to wear their first winter away from home.  There are 19 children in the 2008 graduating class with 4-5 new students expected to transfer in during the year.  We are currently matching knitters to students. A knitter does not have to knit every item for the child s/he is knitting for. Mittens, hats and scarves can be started now.  We will get chest and foot  measurements in early June.  Sweaters should be in the mail by early August. In mid-August we will travel to Akkol to present the 2008 detsky dom graduates with their gifts and to throw a party for them.

Past Projects

  • Our first annual New Year’s Sock Challenge ended October 15, 2007. We knitted a warm pair of socks for each of the children in the orphanage in Akkol.  They will receive their socks on New Year’s Eve when Grandfather Frost arrives at the Detsky Dom (Russian for Children’s Home) to give each child a small bag of candy, the only gift they usually receive.  That’s 265 pairs of socks! Not such an amazing goal, except we started this challenge in July!  Thanks to the diligence of our list members, we exceeded our goal.  Extra socks will be sent to another orphanage north of Akkol that has seen only one adoption in its history. We are still accepting warm socks for this challenge. Socks should be mailed to the address at the top of the page. Socks will be delivered to the orphanages in November.


  • Our first organized project was our 2007 Warm Hugs for Grads sweater project.  We provided sweaters to each of the 34 children aging out of the orphanage in August. Each child received a sweater, a hat and a card of congratulations and encouragement. These were presented to the kids at a party a few days before they left the orphanage forever. The children were very touched.  They could not believe their good fortune.  When they were told that everytime they wear their sweaters they should know they are receiving a warm hug from the mama who made it for them, many of them were moved to tears. In addition to taking the sweaters and hats to Akkol in August, a total of 220 pounds of donations were carried by our volunteers.
Sweaters and hats knitted and crocheted by M4A members for the children aging out of the orphanage in 2007.
M4A members and an adoptive parent donated funds for a party for the children leaving the orphanage. The kids had a great time and were so happy to know people care about them and did this wonderful thing for them
  • The Autumn Hat and Mitten Challenge ended December 31, 2007. Hats and mittens for kids sized 2T to big teenaged boys and girls were what we were looking for.  As always, items had to be at least 75% wool or other animal fiber as acrylic does not keep the kids warm when the temps are at 40 below! If you missed this challenge, but would like to knit hats or mittens for the children, we accept these items all year long.

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