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Grocery Fundraiser

Everybodyís got to eat, right? Why not let your grocery shopping benefit Mittens for Akkol? For every dollar you spend at one of their stores, the USís largest grocery retailer will donate 5% to M4A. That can add up fast and move more donations to the children faster.

How It Works

The way the program works is simple. You purchase a $5 Gift Card (worth $5) from Mittens for Akkol. This card is reloadable and can be used forever. Each time you make a purchase with money you load on the card, M4A will receive 5% of the total spent.  Simply add money to the Gift Card at the store in a separate transaction before your items are scanned, then use the loaded card in a second transaction to pay for your items. You can use cash, a check or a credit card to load the Gift Card. It couldnít be easier. Please remember to reload your card before the checkout clerk begins scanning your order.

These Gift Cards also make great gifts!  And you are not limited to a $5 gift. For example, if you would like to give a $50 Gift Card, buy a $5 Gift Card from us.  Take the Gift Card to the nearest participating store and load it with the additional amount ($45 in our example). Or, if you are unable to get the card reloaded yourself, just let us know and we can load it for you after receiving your payment.

Cards must be purchased from Mittens for Akkol.  Should you purchase a Gift Card at a store, it will not be linked to our account and we will not receive credit for your purchases.

Where It Works

Your purchases can help Mittens for Akkol at the following stores (scroll below map for a list of states):

How to Get a Gift Card

You can get a card one of four ways.

  1. Through Paypal - The default is for a single $5 card purchase. The amount charged will include $1 per card for processing ($6 total per card.).
  2. Send a Check - To the address in the upper left corner of this page. Please add $1 for handling.  Be sure to tell us where to mail the card!
  3. Call and Charge It - Call Knit On! inc. toll free at 866-201-3994. One dollar will be added to your order for processing.  For larger amounts on the cards, the processing fee will be higher.
  4. Walk In  - To Knit On! inc. in Bellevue, KY to pay for your card and pick it up in person. The address is in the upper left corner of this page.  The processing fee will be waived for cash or check purchases.

Donít Forget!!

Buy cards for everyone in your family who shops!

Thank you! Cpacibo!


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